We would love to be able to share with new visitors some of the great evidence you have gathered from your investigations here at the Old Jail & Speakeasy. We will ensure we give appropriate credit for each piece of evidence, photo or video and even place a link to yoru website! Please email your evidence to us at I have evidence I would Like To Share and we will post it as soon as we can. Help make the experience even better for our visitors!


The following audio is from investigations conducted by Professional Paranormal Investigations

Screams and yells heard on audio yet not by investigators in building
Another scream heard on audio yet not by investigators in building
Listen for the Clang and the a voice saying “Hey”. No one was in room at that time
Whistling not heard by investigators in empty buidlng
The whistling is picked up again about 40 minutes later
A female’s laugh is picked up on one of our recorders
A male’s voice is picked up on one of our recorders
A loud whisper is picked up by our recorders
From the speakeasy during and EVP session – listen for answer to question
Another from speakeasy saying “Yeah” to joke that is made


The following audio is from investigations done by East Central Indiana Paranormal Investigations

Listen for the unexplained knock or thump
Listen closely for the whisper
You will hear the loud unexplained bang
Another unexplained knock in the Speakeasy
From one of the hallways – sound of something being dragged
Another voice during an EVP session
Footsteps heard during an EVP session
Front Room unexplained bangs
More front room unexplained bangs
Front room unexplained knocks

The following audio is from investigations done by Capital Area Paranormal Society

A child is heard speaking near the beginning, perhaps saying “Dig”. There seems to be a lot of noises after the voice. This was from the hallway.
While Dave and I were in the Speakeasy room, we heard what sounded like a slam of a door and when Dave played it back, we thought it sounded like a child running.
We had several child EVPs from the hallway. This one has some noise, then “Play with me?”
This was from the staging room. Dave asks if anyone was in there. A male voice responds around 4 seconds “Yes”
Trish and I are having a conversation about how weird and freakier the staging room was feeling. About 4 seconds in a male voice says “Spooky”
While in the hallway, Trish is on this clip talking about vampire bats. A whispery voice around 2 seconds says “Leave”. Dave also had a video camera battery drain about the same time as this EVP was captured on the recorder.
A child’s voice can be heard echoing down the hallway. Sounds like “Watch me please” or “Help me please”?
Dave and I was hanging out in the Speakeasy room playing cards. after he says & “I’ve got nothin'” and a female whispers, “I see it”.
Front Room unexplained bangs