We would love to be able to share with new visitors some of the great evidence you have gathered from your investigations here at the Old Jail & Speakeasy. We will ensure we give appropriate credit for each piece of evidence, photo or video and even place a link to yoru website! Please email your evidence to us at I have evidence I would Like To Share and we will post it as soon as we can. Help make the experience even better for our visitors!


The following audio is from investigations conducted by Professional Paranormal Investigations

These voices were picked up on every recorder in the place
Going upstairs from the jail to the women's holding area an investigator is called by full name!
Male voice heard in upstairs bedroom
Picked up in kitchen – listen for train horn (yes railroad runs by there) then scream
This is in the jail – listen closely for voice telling us to get out
Listen closely to voice “You got in trouble”
This in in the Sheriff’s office – Listen for voice saying “Edward” (did I mention that was the sheriff’s name?)
A spirit which needs to watch it’s language (listen for “B…S..t”)


The following audio is from investigations done by East Central Indiana Paranormal Investigations

Something bouncing in empty area
Unexplained Door Bang heard by investigators
Listen closely for the footsteps picked up by this recorder
Humming or possibly even “Excuse Me”
Unexplained sounds picked up in one of the cells
Listen carefully for the whispers during this EVP session
Listen for the unexplained thumps
More unexplained thumps – many were recorded throughout the night

The following audio is from investigations done by Capital Area Paranormal Society

This is from a recorder located in the basement. A child’s voice is heard and then just after a faint male voice was caught. No children were in the building.
This EVP was captured in the kitchen. We think it is a male that says “dance” or “nance”
Child voice that was captured in the jail cell area.
Another male EVP from the kitchen area. Sounds like he is complaining “This is crap”
During the Ovilus session, we picked up a male voice that was not coming from the box around 4 seconds. We are not sure what he is saying. Either “don’t tell Melvin” or “don’t know nothin'”
While Dave and Trish were in the kitchen, another voice speaks over Trish. Seems to be a long drawn out “I Can”
While setting up a video camera in the basement, we captured a male voice that seems to say ” Will you forgive me, please.”
When the CAPS ladies were in the attic, Vicki felt a pair of hands on the back of her shoulder. As she is discussing it, around 8 seconds you will hear a voice say “you’re welcome.”