We are of course taking measures to ensure everyone’s health and safety, by disinfecting between groups coming in and not holding any public events until the Governor gives us to go ahead, but for anyone who’s looking for a place to investigate after a month or longer of lockdown, we would love to welcome you to one of our locations!

NOTE: By order of the Governor of Indiana, you are required to wear a mask while in public. If you do not have a mask, take a look at the Randolph County’s Official RCA Neck Gaiter.


Hartford City, Indiana

historical photo of the jail

The Old Blackford County Jail was established in 1879. The prison was an active prison until the end of 1995. It is safe to say, the prison is still “active”!

There is also a building, right at the square that has an old speakeasy that has numerous reports of paranormal activity confirmed by many groups. Listen to the EVPs and decide. Better yet come investigate for yourself!

Hartford City, Indiana began in the late 1830s as a few log cabins clustered near a creek. The community became the county seat of Blackford County. This small farming community experienced a 15-year “boom” beginning in the late 1880s caused by the discovery of natural gas.

In the early 19th century, much of what would become the state of Indiana was still frequented by native Indian tribes. At least three tribes are almost certain to have visited the future Hartford City area during the 40 years before the town was settled, although there were no known permanent settlements in the immediate area.


shadow people in front of jail

You do not have to be a paranormal group to investigate our locations. You will just need three more of your friends who are brave enough to investigate with you. Everyone MUST be 16 or older or accompanied by an adult.

Are you or your group interested in investigating The Old Blackford County Jail?

Maybe you wish to investigate the Ervin-Campbell Speakeasy right on the square?

We would love to lock you away from the night!  But, there are a few things you should know….